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The New Torbo System For Removal of Lead, Asbestos And Hazardous Coatings

The Torbo System is superior to any other wet or dry blast system in use today. The Torbo method of abrasive blasting prevents the spreading of air-borne lead particulate material. Lead in the air levels are consistently below EPA/OSHA Action Levels.

Torbo Blasting System - Video
Demonstration of the
new Torbo Wet
Abrasive Blasting System

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The Torbo System is a proven, safe and cost-effective and versatile method for removal of Lead Paint, Asbestos and Hazardous Coatings with no messy chemicals and no dusty sandblasting. It is an efficient alternative to the extremely high labour costs associated with outdated conventional methods used today.

Convential blasting abrasives (including river sand) wet or dry, are mixed with water in a pressure vessel. Water pressure from an onboard internal pump forces the mixture (80% abrasive, 20% water) from the vessel to the compressor-generated airstream, where it is accelerated towards the blasting nozzle. Through Torbo's patented metering system, the quantity and pressure of the abrasive mixture is adjustable at any time. The result is a versitile, economic and environmentally safe wet abrasive blasting process.

Specify the new Torbo System for your next Lead and Asbestos Project.


95% reduction of dust emissions. Minimized containment (ground tarps and possibly wind screens) and no dusxt collectors or negative pressure. Can be used in occupied facilities.

The Torbo method of abrasive blasting prevents the spread of airborne lead particulate material.* Lead in the air levels are consistently below the OSHA Action Level. Government testing shows unprecedented results in both personnel and monitoring area for lead. Great for removal and surface cleaning after removal of asbestos fireproofing. Ontario Ministry of Labour approved.

Minimal water use, a water mist with sand, typically 15-18 gallons per hour from the nozzle. No free water to clean up or dispose of. Lower cost of hazardous waste disposal over dry blasting. Eliminates dust, easy cleanup.

Decrease in consumption of abrasives by up to 50% compared to dry blast systems. Less waste, lower disposal costs, better working conditions, minimal dust.

Remote deadman switch gives nozzle zero (0) psi @ 1.0 seconds for every 100' of blast hose.

* Consult applicable worker and environment safety regulations.


Decrease in abrasive consumption up to 50% due to patented metering system - a direct reduction in cost of abrasive and disposal.

Elimination of moisture problems which frequently impact dry blasting and allows the reuse of wet abrasive with spent paint particles. No air dryer is required.

Increased productivity when removing elastic coatings such as tar epoxies and other types of soft materials including non-skid materials.

Removal rates on typical coatings are equal to or superior to dry abrasive units.

No special blast hose or nozzles are required. Air pressure requirements are the same, and in some cases, less than dry systems.


Precise abrasive metering, infinite control of blast and high pressure water mist give the versatility to use the equipment on a wide range of surfaces with a broad range of results.

Brick, block, floors, roof decks, monument restoration. Grafitti, paint and stain removal, surface preparation and cleaning.

Production areas without costly plant shutdowns: no dust, no hazardous chemicals, less waste.

Shipbuilding, submarines, navy fleets and restoration of military bases. Restoration Environmental Contractors has security clearance for army bases, RCMP, Public Works and Airports.

Petroleum refineries, offshore rigs, high rise water towers, and tank farms. Bridge and water tank paint removal and repair

Compatible with and conventional abrasive including sodium bicarbonate, sand sponge, etc.

Any application sensitive to fugitive dust emissions.

Underwater blasting, high rise office and residential towers; excellent mobility.

Patented Torbo Mix rust inhibitor injector available as an option - for removal of asbestos fireproofing, lead paint and hazardous coatings.

Restoration Environmental Contractors can utilize this technology along with hundreds of thousands of hours of experience on your next Lead or Asbestos Project. We offer competitive pricing, professional service, quality workmanship, confidential budget estimates and expert project management. We can supply you with excellent client references, the credibility you expect and the guranteed performance you demand!

Call the professionals at Restoration Environmental Contractors and put Torbo Technology to work for you.


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