Recent LEED, Emergency Response, Demolition and Environmental Remediation projects;

  1. Toronto Community Housing Corporation; City of Toronto's; Regent Park 6 Buildings  $ 4.5 Million Dollar LEED Project, the Toronto Re-Vitalization Demolition Soils Asbestos Project ;  Phase 1 -95.7 LEED rating 
  2. Queen's University, Kingston Ontario -  PCL Constructors Jock Harty Arena Demolition $ 995,000.00 2008 LEED PROJECT  75% LEED rating
  3. Philips Cable; 500,000 sq. ft, Plant $ 2.6 Million Dollar Project, Brockville Ontario; 
  4. City of Toronto - The Guild Inn Historic 7 Storey Hotel, Scarborough, Ontario demolition/  
  5. Victoria Museum of Nature  Ottawa, Ontario; $  6.6 Million Dollar Project 2004-2008 Multi-phase with PCL Constructors   
  6. Ontario Government Facilities - Ontario Realty with Profac SNC Lavalin Queens Park  and Various other ORC Facilities Abatement various projects 2001-2009 $ 5.1 Million 
  7. City of Toronto Water Treatment Plants $ 1,650,000.00 2008 and 2009 Asbestos abatement 
  8. Weyerhaeuser Pulp And Paper Mill; 300,000 sq. ft.  plant  Sturgeon Falls, Ontario $ 4.2 Million,
  9. Ball Packaging $1,055,000.00 Burlington, Ontario 2007  lead abatement plant decommissioning
  10. Profac SNC Lavalin ;  ORC Ministry of Transportation: Demolition and Abatement  Civil  Underground Various Projects:   $500,000.00  
  11. Profac: Ministry of Transportation:  ISERV  Ontario;  various $ 4.6 Million 2001-2009  ISERV: Computer Data Centre $ 40 Million in Operating Data Equipment  CPIC: Level 3 Justice clearance Asbestos removal
  12. Ontario Provincial Police-OPP// ORC Profac SNC Lavalin; $ $1,800,000.00 2008   Al Langman Construction ;  Lead Abatement and Demolition Aurora , Ontario 
  13. Bombardier; $2.4 Million Lead  A batement and Asbestos removal; Thunder Bay and Toronto Ontario  
  14. Valspar Paint;  London, Ontario $ 905,000.00  Demolition  
  15. Sanofi Pasteur; $ 374,600.00 Toronto, Ontario
  16. City of Hamilton: 3 Schools $550,000.00 
  17. City of Hamilton:  241 Stuart  S treet demolition 
  18. Crown Life Building; Toronto $ 2.2 million dollars  Demolition & Abatement 
  19. Old Centre Wellington High School Fergus , Ontario  $631,000.00 2008
  20. Canada Life Building Toronto  $100,000.00   
  21. Ontario Archives Building: $700,000.00 Toronto Mould
  22. Scarborough General Hospital $ 500,000.00 2005-2009
  23. Sunnybrook Hospital and Toronto General Hospitals
  24. Peel School Board; Our Lady of the Airways $120,000.00 2009
  25. CFB Toronto, Trenton, Borden various projects; 1990-2009 $ 1,000,000.00 
  26. CFB Greenwood Nova Scotia; Lead Abatement $ 650,000.00  

Since established in 1989, Restoration Environmental Contractors - REC Demolition - REC Emergency Response have successfully completed over 9,000 environmental remediation and demolition projects throughout Canada, specializing in environmental remediation, demolition using CAT/Caterpillar Demolition Excavators, asbestos removal, lead abatement, mold remediation, industrial plant cleaning, plant decommissioning closures, site remediation and disaster recovery in the industrial, commercial, government, and institutional sectors.


The Restoration Environmental Contractors REC demolition senior project management and site supervisory team has accumulated more than one million hours of on-site environmental remediation and demolition contracting experience in the removal of all hazardous materials including asbestos, mould, lead dust, PCBs and heavy metals. They are also very well versed in plant decommissioning, site decontamination, soil remediation, and demolition.


REC Demolition and Restoration Environmental Contractors is a full-service emergency response, environmental and demolition contractors committed to excellence and which boasts an impeccable record of health and safety. REC's strength lies with its highly trained people, and has over 100 unionized professionals on call to address a variety of needs.


REC's reputation has been established by the quality of the services it provides and by relationships built on trust. This philosophy has become the cornerstone of its business. Because each environmental and demolition project is unique, REC assembles a specific team of professionals that will bring the desired solutions to the project. REC has the vision and the experience to deliver quality environmental and demolition services at a competitive price to meet every business need.


Restoration Environmental Contractors - REC Demolition - REC Disaster Recovery provides remediation options tailor-made for each project from the start, whether they are emergency service calls, small maintenance calls, or multi-million dollar demolition and environmental abatement projects. REC believes that the process should be simple, while at the same time creating options that offer sound environmental solutions.


REC can meet the needs of businesses planning a plant closure, an abatement, environmental, demolition or restoration project. REC can help businesses prepare for a disaster or emergency. REC can also provide on-call Emergency Response services.


Restoration Environmental Contractors - REC Demolition - REC Disaster Recovery REC Emergency response

services include:      LEED QUALIFIED 

- Environmental Remediation and Hazardous Materials Abatement Contractors   

-  Demolition; Deconstruction, Asset Recovery, Equipment Dismantling, Asset Sales   

- Hazardous Materials Removal; Asbestos, Mould, PCBs, Lead,    

- Plant Closures: Industrial Plant Decommissioning - Cleaning of Heavy Metals,    

- Disaster Recovery: ICI-Fire, Sewage Backup, Flood, Water, Wind Damage Restoration

- Emergency Response Service - Bonded/Police approved Staff for Security


REC is a turnkey, full-service, emergency response contractor and specialty contractor. As a recognized leader in the construction industry, REC can provide up to $20 million dollars in 100% Performance Bond capacity and up to $10 million in environmental/pollution general liability insurance coverage for every project. 

Restoration Environmental Contractors-REC Demolition is announcing our 20th Anniversary this year of being Green - now LEED-qualified specialty contractors," states Don Bremner, President, CEO, REC Demolition. "REC, by using (Toromont CAT) Caterpillar Demolition Excavating Equipment, has achieved great success by enforcing the three R's Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. REC exceeded 94.7% per cent Green LEED certification at Regent Park, the TCHC, Toronto Revitalization environmental remediation and demolition project. We also had exceptional results with an overall  75% success rate at the Queen's University Jock Harty Demolition project with PCL Constructors in Kingston.


We expect our success to continue and we are excited to announce the new addition of the 2009, Caterpillar 330D UHD -Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator to our CAT Fleet. We pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record, our Green/LEED practices, the three R's (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle), Green Demolition, and an increased level of productivity. With these metrics in mind, our clients will get the complete demolition and environmental remediation package.


REC Demolition has had great success, the Guild Inn 7-storey hotel building section is now completely demolished and the historic building is successfully separated and is ready to be restored. REC Demolition and Toromont CAT have partnered in GREEN LEED Demolition, using their new 2009 Caterpillar 330D UHD - Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator which allows us to safely complete residential, industrial, commercial and institutional ICI high rise building demolition projects.

REC Restoration Environmental Contractors - REC Demolition - REC Disaster Recovery has worked for a number of government agencies and other corporate clients where a high level of security or police clearance (CPIC) is required and REC is an approved NATO Department of National Defence Contractor. For more information on REC's services, please visit,,, or


Don Bremner and David Bremner are the founders of The Passion an awareness campaign bringing together thirteen charities that help the poor, homeless and less fortunate every day in Toronto/GTA;


Don Bremner and Restoration Environmental Contractors - REC Demolition - REC Disaster Recovery were the Proud Owners of The Markham Waxers Junior "A" Hockey Club from 1994-2005 Website:;


Don Bremner is the majority partner and President of Abcott Construction Ltd. a Design Build General Contractors (Est. 1972), an awarded winning Butler Builders, Project Managers and Construction Managers.  with Annual Revenues yearly  of $ 16,000,000-$25,000,000.00 (Cdn.) Builders of ICI - Industrial Commercial Institutional, Manufacturing Facilities, specializing in the steel and automotive industry.


"We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their support over the past twenty years, and also like to thank our dedicated and professional employees that have made us one of the premier specialty contractors in supplying abatement, remediation, demolition and restoration services across Canada. Our excellent reputation, impeccable Health & Safety record, and quality customer service are our the foundation of Restoration Environmental. Your success is our success," states Don Bremner, President/CEO.


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