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Restoration Environmental Duct Cleaning Contractors COMMERCIAL SERVICE including Industrial and Institutional Restoration Environmental Duct Cleaning Contractors Clean Air's environmental mould and asbestos training and experience has made us the choice of thousands of leading institutions, property managers, building owners like hospitals, universities and Fortune 500 companies


We've divided our scope of services into two sections consulting and remediation. Our consulting service typically includes

ASSESSMENTS of facility operations and HVAC/Air Conveyance Systems;

INSPECTIONS of air handlers, ductwork, shafts, chases, plenums, pipes, walls, ceilings and floors utilizing cable video, fiber optic, borescopic, and robotic equipment; and

DOCUMENTATION of inspection and assessment, including photos, videos, and mechanical hygiene reports. The steps involved in our remediation services include

CONTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY, that includes creating customized build-out containments and utilizing HEPA filtered vacuums and collection devices;

PHYSICAL AGITATION that is implemented with compressed air powered brushes, air sweeps and whips;

SOURCE REMOVAL such as insulation and filtration medium, particulate matter and chemical and biological contamination; and

TREATMENT that involves application of mechanical insulation repair coating and EPA registered sanitizing agent. Our remediation/cleaning service is appropriate for air conveyance systems such as air handlers, blowers, exhaust units, duct work (hard and flex) and grilles and diffusers. The technician makes a 3-sided cut in the insulation.


Restoration Environmental Duct Cleaning Contractors has invested in a quality, highly experienced project management staff in order to provide its clients with superior service. The company's entire project management staff is certified, ensuring that each service delivery is supervised by a certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist. One aspect of their training is safety training. Our technicians go through an initial vigorous training process and are constantly being made aware of safety issues as they arise in the industry. Specifics include:
respiratory protection
hazard communication
lock out/tag out
eye protection
head protection
confined space
fall protection

Adding to REC’s reputation for success, the company boasts more certified project managers than any other firm in the area. As a result, REC is uniquely qualified to provide a premium level of service and expertise unmatched by any other air conveyance systems specialists in Canada. The technician then drills a 1-inch hole and installs a service opening to clean the inside of the duct work.


With an annual growth rate of 50% expected to continue through the next decade, residential and commercial air duct cleaning is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in the booming indoor air quality field. Here are just a few of the many factors that make duct cleaning such an attractive opportunity for service contractors It is the cornerstone for a successful IAQ business.

1. It can generate many new customers for your existing business.

2. It can prevent loss of your customers to competitors that do offer duct cleaning.

3. It provides an excellent opportunity to sell other IAQ-related products.

4. It helps close equipment retrofit deals.

5. It can increase profits on retrofit sales.

6. It can generate business revenues during slow times.

These customers have used our products to clean HVAC systems in more than 1.5 million homes and commercial buildings, and generated estimated revenues of more than $2 billion. Abatement Technologies specializes in turnkey packages of high performance duct cleaning products for superior quality residential and commercial duct cleaning, including Extraction Systems' patented method of duct cleaning centers around our high quality cables, augers (brushes) and drive systems. From the ultra lightweight model 2607 to the powerful model 4607, quality and reliable performance are trademarks of E.S.I. equipment. units are equipped with an electronic dampener feature to extend cable and mechanical component life. Extraction Systems manufactures durable cables and augers to suit virtually all the demands of the duct cleaning industry.

The Tornado model 85020
The Twister model 85017
The Hurricane model 85019
The Maverick model 3610
The Colt model 2607
The Renegade model 4607
The "Peeper" Portable Video Inspection System
Pneumatic Duct Balls



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