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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our firm. Restoration Environmental Contractors (REC) are the Experts in Building and Facility Decontamination and Environmental Cleaning. Since 1989, our growth has increased significantly and our future expectations are high. REC is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, based on recent Profit Magazine statistics.


Removal of Lead and Heavy Metal Contaminants such as: lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, arsenic, perchiorates-perchloric acid, chemicals and heavy metal's abatement. Other services include: removal of PCB's, hazardous waste cleaups, HEPA & environmental plant cleaning, removal of leaking and old UST-Underground Storage Tanks and contaminated soils. Re-insulation application, Fireproofing, Fire Restoration and Demolition Services.

Restoration Environmental Contractors (REC) are "Environmental Contractors Specializing in the Removal of: Asbestos, Lead Dust, Lead Paint, Heavy Metal Dust Abatement and Hazardous Coatings, Mould and Fungus (Microbiological Decontamination), Demolition, Underground Storage Tanks and Soil, Chemicals, PCB's, Pharmaceutical and Medical Waste".

Our staff has over 280,000 hours of experience in successfully completing Asbestos, Lead and Environmental Projects. Over 100,000 hours of Lead Abatement Project Management.


Over 280,000 hours of experience in Project Management. We have successfully completed over 5,800 very sensitive and high profile asbestos and environmental projects. These projects include decontamination and removal of hazardous materials from buildings, facilities, from commercial and institutional buildings, industrial plants and marine facilities across Canada.

For the years 1999 and 2000, our Sales Projections for each year are between $3.5 and $5 million dollars.


Firm Name
Restoration Environmental Contractors
Restoration Consultants
A Division of 836171 Ontario Inc.

Incorporated May 1, 1989
Province of Ontario, Canada

Head Office
Box 746
10 Stalwart Drive, Unit #5
Gormley, Ontario, Canada
L0H 1G0


OVER $18.6 MILLION in successful projects: Asbestos, Lead and Mould, Environmental PCB's, Underground Storage Tank Projects!

OVER $5 MILLION BONDING FACILITY for performance bonding.

LARGEST LEAD PROJECT IN ONTARIO: Complete the largest Lead Contamination-Dust and Asbestos Removal Project in Ontario history at Bombardier-U.D.T.C. (Ontario Government) in Thunder Bay.

FIRST LEAD PAINT REMOVAL: for Public Works & Government Services Canada were also the first company to undertake a lead-paint removal job for Public Works Canada - Agriculture Canada - in Ottawa.

EXCELLENT HEALTH & SAFETY RECORD: We have an excellent health and safety record with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, with no violations or stop-work orders in almost seven years. The M.O.L. was on site in Thunder Bay and we instructed and advised the Ministry of Labour on new technologies and specifications for Lead Abatement; (Marcia Davis M.O.L. Contact)

INDUSTRY LEADER: Recognized as the industry leader in lead abatement, lead and heavy metal and contaminated dust, and environment plant cleanups.

NO ENVIRONMENTAL INSURANCE CLAIMS: BEST ASBESTOS & ENVIRONMENTAL INSURANCE IN THE INDUSTRY: approved for Occurence Form Environmental and Pollution General Liability Insurance Coverage (Asbestos, Lead and Environmental Impairment) by Royal Insurance of Canada.

RESPECTED THROUGHOUT THE INDUSTRY: Advisors to Ministry of Labour - for drafting new Lead Regulation Legislation and the CMHC Housing Corporation. We work with many Environmental Consultants and apply their theory to, on site work practice. Don Bremner Guest Speaker Federal Environmental Conferences in 1991 and 1992.

AWARD OF MERIT winner 1995: MARKHAM BOARD OF TRADE-COMMUNITY: Don Bremner and The Markham Waxers Junior A Hockey Club was presented with the Markham Board of Trades Award of Merit for commitment to community service.

EXPANSION: Restoration Environmental Contractors have expanded very quickly due to excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Total commitment to quality work, a professional highly skilled and trained workforce. Sales have increased dramatically because of customer satisfaction. Customers are your best way of advertising, word of mouth references and a very aggressive marketing campaign. We offer confidential service along with a 24 Hour Emergency Response Hotline - Seven Days a Week!

SOLID GROWTH: We have experienced solid growth, because we are specializing in Asbestos and Lead Abatement, Environmental Cleaning and Contaminated Dust Plant Cleanups.



1999 - $800,000.00 LEAD PROJECT - CONFIDENTIAL - PINCHIN ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS: of a Computer Manufacturing Facility in Ottawa. Over 300,000 sq. ft. of Environmental Cleaning and Lead Dust.

1998 - $2,200,000.00 Asbestos Abatement Project of OLD CROWN LIFE BUILDING at 120 Bloor Street East, Toronto for MAYPROP INVESTMENTS.

1994 - $2,200,000.00 The Bombardier Project in Thunder Bay, was the largest project we ever attempted. This was a Plant Cleanup of contaminated lead dust and asbestos removal. This project proved we are ready and are the catalyst to expand across Canada. This project was successfully completed in various phases. This project is generally regarded as the largest Lead Abatement project in Ontario.

1996 - The Toronto Transit Commission - PILOT ASBESTOS PROJECT; Removal of Asbestos off the Yonge Subway Line: In two days we completed over 23,000 sq. ft.

1996 - CFB GREENWOOD - LEAD ABATEMENT over $600,000.00.



Restoration Environmental Contractors are the Experts in Building and Facility Environmental Contamination. We offer competitive pricing, professional service, quality workmanship, confidential budget estimates, and expert project management. We can supply you with excellent client references, the credibility you expect and the guaranteed performance you demand!

Restoration Environmental Contractors is recommended by over 150 Environmental Consultants, backed by 100% Performance Bonding and $5 million in Environmental and Pollution Impairment Occurrence Form - General Liability Insurance Coverage.


Our Health & Safety record is impeccable. No serious injuries in over eight years. We offer clients and potential clients reliable, competent and highly trained work force and an excellent Health & Safety record, with NO Ministry of Labour (MOL) or Ministry of Environment (MOEE) Violations or Stop Work Orders. This public information, we are the only environmental contractor with a perfect record.


Our firm has had great success in achieving the desired "Low Lead Levels" by various innovative and approved methods. Our Lead Abatement Methods and Procedures have been approved by the Ministry of Labour in Ontario and Nova Scotia. Notwithstanding, as a Client you want "high quality workmanship, guaranteed performance and results, a proven track record, with quality corporate references, good Health & Safety record, hands on Project Management, Lead and Asbestos Abatement project experience and peace of mind. We are the Environmental Company you can Depend On".


We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency service, offering a wide range of environmental services, totally professional and always completing the work timely and on schedule. We are a respected environmental firm.


So be proactive, protect your personal and corporate assets. Protect your future. If you're a Building Owner, Architect, Consulting Engineer, Property Manager or Environmental Consultant, we offer good value for your budget.

Call us to order our Business Information and Reference Package today!































































































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